Professional grade of Plucking/Raking/Ear Plucking trimming knifes mainly for Terriers.
(These knifes can be used for Afghan Hound, Cocker Spaniel, Brussels Griffon, Akita inu, Shiba inu also which needs its’ hair to be plucked out for its health.)

★Blade teeth for Plucking trimming knifes are formed by special ground to plucking, NOT to cut terrier’s hair, so that dogs don’t feel any pain. Raking trimming knife is to comb to take out undercoat softly and gently. Material is sus410.(super steel made in japan)
★Handles made from Dalbergia sissoo wood and blades from Japanese high quality stainless steel. It’s can be used for left-handed people.
★All Manufactured in JAPAN
Our lnteractive Workshops are available in you requested city.
You can slso find how to use our trimming knifes properly on YouTube, cannel name “Goldy shop”

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